Lafferty Lumber has been providing our customers with the finest hardwoods and softwoods available since 1915. Lafferty Lumber is committed to providing consistent high quality kiln dried lumber products to your business.

All of our lumber is graded and inspected after kiln drying to provide you with consistent quality. Remember, you'll always get a NET measurement after kiln drying at Lafferty Lumber.

In addition to our wide variety of fine hardwood and softwood lumber products, Lafferty offers complete millwork facilities. Our highly skilled staff can complete your Straight line Ripping, Surfaceing, Resawing, and produce Custom Molding to your specifications, using state of the art Weinig technology.

Delivery of our lumber products and custom molding will be on our company-owned trucks.

Lafferty Lumber is committed to honest and reliable service to our customers.


Lafferty & Company, Inc.