Our Baker “ABXX” features a 16”-wide cutting capacity. Utilizing a thin-kerf band blade, this saw wastes a minimal amount of your valuable raw  material and leaves a relatively smooth finish. The height can be manually adjusted up or down.

• Accepts material up to 16” x 12” and uses a 16”-wide conveyor
• 28” dynamically balanced solid metal band wheels
• Baker’s exclusive guide plate and guide wheel system holds blade securely
• 0.072” kerf
• Simple and easy to operate
• Versatility: Rip lumber, cut grade lumber from squares coming right from the sawmill, even make angled cuts!
• Variable feed speed from 0-95 feet (0-29 m) per minute
• Compact footprint (56”/1.42m wide by 64”/1.63m deep) takes up minimal room
• Adjustable headrig with fixed conveyor height (top of conveyor is 34”/86.36 cm above floor) for easy integration with other machinery
“ABXX” Band Resaw


*all specifications from Baker-online.com

Lafferty & Company, Inc.